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Playoffs Week 2 - Results

  • no streaking
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3 months 3 weeks ago #1577 by no streaking
jordans point streak or cyclones cupless streak one of these things had to end lol
  • DB
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3 months 3 weeks ago #1578 by DB
Scotty was there for sure , Troy was seen leaving with Scotty's jock strap as a souvenir lol
  • BS
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3 months 3 weeks ago #1579 by BS

Trolls Suck wrote: Cyclones got away from whatever game plan they had after falling behind. Poor finish to the 1st period and a terrible power play in the 2nd peroid. Green actually scored first and then got spanked 9-2 the rest of the game. Can't blame Dan for that. Worst thing about it is poor Jordans point streak got snuffed out that guy is a goal scoring machine. At least stinky got a goal.

Thunder forgot to mark Troy or just didn't bother but either way they let him have enough room to get 3 goals thats right a friggin hat trick. Guess what happened they lost by a hat trick. You take away the empty net goal and they would have won by 1. Don't blame Marry for that. Blame the defense. Pete is a goon and do we know if Doyle was even there cause I didn't see him.

Who you kidding. Doyle had a great year and he worked hard the other night.

Crossed paths a couple times during the game he's solid as a brick shit house. Anyone chirping him doesn't play the corners much.
  • always & never
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3 months 3 weeks ago #1580 by always & never
EVERYBODY knows when Scotty's there and NOBODY wants to leave with his jock strap. Not even Scotty :lol:
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