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Playoffs Week 2 - Results

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3 months 3 weeks ago #1570 by Observer

Also a fact wrote: Bolts beat the Blizz last time they played and did it without Cooper. Tors beat the Bolts last time they played.
Every team has a match up problem or 2 and the Bolts have to get past the Tors who have given them problems.
Canes/Blizz next time around will be a totally different game than last time.

It's all about Paul for the Canes. He proved last night his importance and why he goes first overall for goalies and usually in the second round of the draft.The canes were out shot 42-31 last night and Paul stood on his head. A goal-tending performance like that frustrated the other team and eventually they make mistakes which is what happened to the Tors last night.

So this is an ideal scenario for the Canes. They get the Blizz in the semis so they just have to beat them once. If Paul can pull off another great performance then the Blizz are out. I'm picking a Canes/Lightning final.
  • crazy cooper
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3 months 3 weeks ago #1571 by crazy cooper
Wild night.
Coopers performance may have been the best I've seen in one game ball star. Unreal and being short players he played a ton. Awesome job by Troy snipes three and worked hard on the boards all night.

Casella was hurt. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out. He's top 3 in league when healthy and a warrior in playoffs just won a cup. Bad luck to be injured for playoffs. That may be the best team to be not in final in a long long time.

Thought clones would keep closer to the Blizz and move on. Damn. Wanted to see them move on.

Canes Paul can steal a game for sure always picks it up in playoffs. If Canes can keep someone on cross when he fades high (too high for d but tries not to be so high fwd can cover) and stop the on timers they can be beat. They aren't as good as last year's Blizz with steeves and Alex. Still Damn good though with blanch and Fitz leadership aplenty. Tom is solid too.

Should be tight next week anyone's cup attendance and goaltending will again be the key.
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3 months 3 weeks ago #1573 by Lazy
Ball star a lazy mans league floaters and no hard work offsides and cross blanchard both toast!! Most times refs suck its like a d league at best ! Great players but with no offsides its easy to be lazy!! Just saying
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3 months 3 weeks ago #1574 by guest
if you don't play in the league great, Stay out. If you do play in the league get out! Better than leagues where you play every week and a half and is so watered down now. Or another league that after the first couple of picks in the first round then you might as well have Stads janitors play.
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3 months 3 weeks ago #1575 by Goalies rule
Is it a coincidence that both Goalies for the teams knocked out rank near the bottom for save percentage??
This should reinforce the need for good goaltending during the playoffs . Both Dan and Marty shit the bed and their teams couldn't recover .
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3 months 3 weeks ago #1576 by Trolls Suck
Cyclones got away from whatever game plan they had after falling behind. Poor finish to the 1st period and a terrible power play in the 2nd peroid. Green actually scored first and then got spanked 9-2 the rest of the game. Can't blame Dan for that. Worst thing about it is poor Jordans point streak got snuffed out that guy is a goal scoring machine. At least stinky got a goal.

Thunder forgot to mark Troy or just didn't bother but either way they let him have enough room to get 3 goals thats right a friggin hat trick. Guess what happened they lost by a hat trick. You take away the empty net goal and they would have won by 1. Don't blame Marry for that. Blame the defense. Pete is a goon and do we know if Doyle was even there cause I didn't see him.
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