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  • Booyah
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5 months 3 days ago

Brcoklehurst, being one of the better offensive players ever to play ballstar knows full well that Ballstar is a team game. One man never deserves all the credit nor should he take the hit when things do not go as planned. Stats are also not the only measure of a players contribution. Casella played well, just hit a dry spot. Key to winning will likely be having both lines contributing and one or more players stepping up. The league is so close one or two guys who can step it up can make the difference. Truth be told some guys just know how to step it up come play off time.

Week #2 hat tip has to go to Troy. Just a huge effort!

  • Brocklehurst
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5 months 3 days ago

Well well well..... nobody could have predicted this monster choke job happening. 0 points. Casella has lost a step this year. Might be time to retire.

  • Missing Links
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5 months 4 days ago

Lots up for grabs this week with no forgone conclusion on who the 4 remaining teams will be!

Lots of people think the Canes are out, even if they win. They didn't have a full contingent last week and could have made a big difference and the people who they were missing could have easily plotted 3-4 goals apiece themselves! Don't forget they have a good playoff track record, too!

Can the mighty Thunder be put out after a strong regular season? Can the Clones pull out another upset? This has been the most competitive ballstar has been in a while. Lay off the grease!

  • Guest
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5 months 4 days ago

Thunder - to strong all year to go down two straight.

Blizz - As stated earlier their top 4 are very strong and can all score. They better watch cross as they guy still has a wicked shot.

Tors - The tors win the last game. Play off timed is when talent steps up and Strum is one of the best scorers in the league and do not kid yourself, Gil can look slow and still bury 3 or 4. His playoff experience and success simply can't be matched.

No game has more than a 3 goal spread which spells the end for the loser of game 1 and the Canes.

  • Matt S
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5 months 4 days ago

My three winners for the week are :

1. Lightning
2. Blizzards
3. Tornadoes

  • guest
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5 months 4 days ago

my 3 winners this week


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