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4 months 3 days ago #1534 by nope

CRAZY !!!!!!! wrote: It's CRAZY that some goalies get picked in the first or second round and other goalies are left til the last round. Maybe some of the Ballstar goaltenders are a little bit better than others but there's no way that there is that much difference between them. Some of the Captains are wasting early picks on goalies and then wondering why their runners can't keep up with their opponents. Play solid D in front of your goalie and he'll do a good job. Think of it in trios. I'd rather have JB and a 2nd round runner and one late-round pick as teammates instead of some other goalie that gets picked early and two runners that get picked late in the draft. It's better to have more speed & skill in this league than it is to have a marginally better goalie. Gives you a better chance to win.

Sorry don't agree at all with this.

You can compete regular season with lower goalies but to win. A cup you have to have strong goaltending or no chance.

The semis and final are so tight any weak goals can be the difference.

I don't care what league you watch or play you need a strong performance from your goalie to win

There is a difference in the goalies in our league. Look at the cup wins.

I think they are all good but not all evem.

And I agree Jason has a had a great year and great game last week great to see.
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4 months 3 days ago #1535 by agree to disagree ?????
Regular season is just PRACTICE. Choosing a stud goalie is no guarantee, one bad game in the semis and you're done. Our champs aren't winners of a 5-game or 7-game series. They're teams that make the semis, win, and then come out on top in a best-of-three. I love the concept of having the better goalie for a longer series but in a league with one-and-done semifinals I'd rather have stronger runners.
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4 months 3 days ago #1536 by Sid
I like most of these picks. One real ?? The Canes had the worst d all season. Easiest D in the league to score against. I would not rank any of their d in the top 5 d in the league let alone MVP. Monk is their toughest guy to pal against. Strum is your rookie of the year. Top G is likely Wynn the whiner. Caines was very good.. Top D I like Alex. Mitch is most improved with Fitz right up there,
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4 months 3 days ago #1537 by Fitz
If we can't win this season I think it would be great for the league and the draft if Jay or Dan could win the cup. I thought we had the team to do it a couple of seasons ago with Jay but it didn't work out that way and it wasn't on him. Both Jay and Dan played great last week and were key in getting the wins.
Both guys have had their troubles in the past but if they are supported with team D they can win.
Just because something hasn't happened doesn't mean it can't.
And Tom has been friggin great for us. We tend to give up lots of shots(which pains me..lol) and he has been the biggest reason for us winning.
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