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Mid season report

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6 months 2 weeks ago #5522 by guest
Mid season report was created by guest
So many teams playing short that standings don't mean much right now. Not that they ever really do.

Blizzard are loaded with offense. Can go blow for blow in any goalfest they encounter. Usually score in bunches.
Bolts look pretty good. Very gritty with lots of offense. If they stay out of the box they are tough to beat. Can score in bunches
Canes are fast with 2 of the fastest, skilled D in the league. Turn the ball over to them at your peril. Can also score in bunches.
Clones are team D. If they ever start scoring more they could be dangerous. Lots of close games for these guys.
Thunder have been consistently short but gritty vets with Strum is a dangerous combo. Bunches of goals are always an option with Strum playing.
Tornados won last season after being really short staffed most of the season so Mitch has the league right were he wants them. Not knowing what the hell he has until playoffs.
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6 months 2 weeks ago #5523 by Analyst
Replied by Analyst on topic Mid season report
I know what the Tors can't do ... score in bunches
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6 months 2 weeks ago #5535 by Proline expert
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It seems Matt and Jorden are the younger version of Blanchard and Cooper. All very dominant and on teams that can win any game. Hard to imagine a team with two monsters loosing very many.
Short staffed teams really make this hard to call.
Clones are leading the GAA by a mile and most would agree defense wins championships. Could this be the year the curse is broken?
Tornadoes will be tough when a full team can play and the Bolts have grit that will make them tough. Not sure if they are as good as their record shows but it seems they come up with a strong game no matter their line up. They will remain tough to beat.
Thunder are very deep but have yet to find the strategy required to win.
The Canes will go as far as Bob Strum and Gordo take them. So far they look a little short but who knows. Gord is another guy who seems to win more than most when the chips are down. Beware the Canes.
In the end you best bet on the Blizz-Clones to make the final. You pick the winner.
Now go and put that on your proline!
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6 months 2 weeks ago #5537 by Insider
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Trade winds are blowing up a storm.
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6 months 2 weeks ago #5545 by Insider
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If winds blow and nobody hears did it really happen?
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6 months 2 weeks ago #5548 by Fitz
Replied by Fitz on topic Mid season report
Welcome to Tommy and Adam, thanks to outgoing Nate and Mike. Both guys going out played very solid for Green and this wasn't a light decision.

Next game vs Canes should be a good one.

Good luck all but mostly Green
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