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Week 3 results

  • Fitz
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7 months 3 days ago #5392 by Fitz
Week 3 results was created by Fitz
Props to the 4 Thunder that played last night. No subs is shitty but you guys clogged up the middle as best you could and played well in front of Marty.
  • Alex M
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7 months 2 days ago #5399 by Alex M
Replied by Alex M on topic Week 3 results
I thought Marty played an awesome game last night for a short handed Thunder team.

As for our game, playoff hockey comes in week 3 of the regular season. Very chippy game. Hard fought with lots of one on one battles. Tough one for the refs to control. Blizz will be a tough matchup for any team.
  • Fitz
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7 months 1 day ago #5429 by Fitz
Replied by Fitz on topic Week 3 results
That last game had a large contingent of physical players so it was no surprise it was hard fought. There was no 1 obvious play that was clearly over the line or malicious (that I saw) but I suppose we can call more coincidentals or blow it down for faceoffs. When everyone is battling for every inch of space from the first ball drop it is inevitable that some things will be missed though.
Just stay composed and let us know we missed one, while staying composed. We aren't there with any biases and we will call what we see when we see it. Yeah, I might need glasses but so be it.
  • Kenny
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7 months 1 day ago #5431 by Kenny
Replied by Kenny on topic Week 3 results
You guys did awesome considering the players involved !
  • MattMitch
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7 months 1 day ago #5433 by MattMitch
Replied by MattMitch on topic Week 3 results
Wait, 10 penalties in the game and none from Lou, Pete, or Stephen?? Are you guys ok?
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