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Mandatory Eye Wear

  • Fitz
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11 months 5 days ago #2405 by Fitz
Replied by Fitz on topic Mandatory Eye Wear
Agreed on the penalty calls Dan. Even though I tend to leave my whistle silent.... I can try to improve on that.
And regarding helmets, I don't mean old Monday night football, smashing helmet collisions. I meant getting clipped by a helmet which happens all the time when everyone wears helmets and is barely noticed. It is very noticeable if only 1 guy is wearing a helmet. If guys wearing helmets are careful then it should be fine but I think the evolution of sport shows that when more protective gear is widely used then the games get played harder. If anyone disputes that basic fact then I give up.
  • Mr. Magoo
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11 months 5 days ago #2406 by Mr. Magoo
Replied by Mr. Magoo on topic Mandatory Eye Wear
Well, didn't someone on defense wear a helmet every game last year? There was no judgement for that and no issues. So, who cares, a helmet is a helmet. I for one will be wearing those new crazy, fan-dangled helmets that it looks like someone is eating your face.
  • False Glasses
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11 months 5 days ago #2407 by False Glasses
Replied by False Glasses on topic Mandatory Eye Wear
And Fitz, for the record, Beer Goggles don't count as mandatory protection.
  • Spock
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11 months 4 days ago #2408 by Spock
Replied by Spock on topic Mandatory Eye Wear
I have an idea, Dan you should ref this season, just to help the other refs learn how to call everything correct. Can't hurt!
  • Nauss
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11 months 2 days ago #2409 by Nauss
Replied by Nauss on topic Mandatory Eye Wear
What would I ever do without your helpful suggestions Spock?!
  • Kerry Fraser
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11 months 1 day ago #2410 by Kerry Fraser
Replied by Kerry Fraser on topic Mandatory Eye Wear
You can have my whistle Dan!
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