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What happened/

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4 weeks 6 hours ago #2275 by Guest
Is the schedule correct that there will be two games on April 11th if necessary?? Back to back? That sounds like advantage Tors seeing they have zero beer guts compared to the lightnings many.
  • Zorro
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4 weeks 3 hours ago #2276 by Zorro
Name some of these Tors.....seems like a bunch of bums to me.
  • Matt Strum
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4 weeks 3 hours ago #2277 by Matt Strum
Matt Nelson easily a top line forward for any team.
Louis stepped up this year for us and derserves to move up.
Fancy became an elite scorer for us this year and provided much needed secondary scoring.
As for Blaine and Woody both lights out defencemen can lock down the best forwards in the league. As well as pose a threat up front.
  • Fitz
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4 weeks 3 hours ago #2278 by Fitz
The Adonis of Athleticism, Harrigan is going to be wishing he took the other pill when he enters the Mattrix next week. Strum and Nelson are just too damn fit and fast to deal with. Those 2 and Fancy are prime examples of guys that will be drafted higher next season. Being of a similar svelte build as Harrigan, I will be plummeting down that same draft board to make way for the young, fit guys.
  • Stoned
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4 weeks 2 hours ago #2279 by Stoned
I guess I didn't get the memo that the Ganj was legal already. Because you guys are obviously wrecked.
  • Liquor Pig
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3 weeks 6 days ago #2280 by Liquor Pig
Bolts will win

Paul is by far the best keeper in the league. Taul is arguably the best overall and like it or not Hartigan is one of the best d men in the league. Tors will put up a good fight but I do not see them match the game the Bolts will through at them. Blizz were not even close last night and they handled the Tors twice this year. May go 3 games but there will be no repeat.
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