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Playoffs Week 2 - Results

  • It sounds crazy
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1 month 4 days ago #2254 by It sounds crazy
I know it sounds crazy but Tony and Mitch don't play the free flowing, running style of game that the Thunder guys played last night. They slow the game down and in some ways that is easier to play against. They were a completely different group last night. Colin and Anil were everywhere.
If they can play that style with a full lineup then they can beat anyone. If they revert to a Blizz style post up game they will lose. Only Blanchard and the Blizz can make that one work vs the Tors.
  • Chico
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1 month 4 days ago #2255 by Chico
I will go Thunder Blizz.

Thunder looked good all year. They are very good on paper and i think are just coming together. Last night they were crazy dominant. Colin was unstoppable. Tors were not tested last night and that might hurt. Thunder will also expose J in nets.

The Blizz will kill the lightening. last night was a good battle. Sorry but adding Gord and brent to the line up changes things completely. I have called the Blizz as the best all year. Hard to see anyone beating them the rest of the way.
  • Predictor
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1 month 4 days ago #2256 by Predictor
Tors and lightning in the final.
  • Must be a blizz player
  • Must be a blizz player's Avatar Topic Author
1 month 4 days ago #2257 by Must be a blizz player
Lightening beat the blizz this year with all them in the line up. I think you should wait till you sober up before you start making predictions.
  • guest
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1 month 4 days ago #2258 by guest
Thunder haven't looked good vs the Tors. Tors have been the class of the league vs all except the Blizz.
Tors Blizz should be and deserves to be the finals.
  • Observer
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1 month 4 days ago #2259 by Observer
For not having Brent and Caines are you kidding me the Blizz had the Bolts last night with a 3-0 lead until that penalty that was called and then reversed which completely changed the momentum of the game unfortunately. The Thunder were better last night than they have been all year, the Canes gave everything they could but still found themselves in a 6-0 hole early on in the game. The Tors are steady and consistent with some great weapons out there and will take a spot in the finals no question against the Blizz would be my call. The Clycones it makes no sense, not seeing playoffs again? I dont care if they were missing Grove or whoever the new guy was there is a problem in Clonetown and I can smell it from here!
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