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Prediction #1

  • Chico
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6 days 3 hours ago #2216 by Chico
Likely better all round. i'd say Korri had a better offensive game. Pretty close overall.
  • Guest
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6 days 2 hours ago #2217 by Guest
Agreed. Only watched him play a few times but Korri brings some decent offense despite not being fast however James has a good hockey sense so its hard to compare really but overall I think James certainly wont hurt to have and would go a round before Korri probably but not much more.
  • Lifeguard
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6 days 1 hour ago #2218 by Lifeguard
Well he's getting thrown into the deep end by getting introduced to the league in the playoffs. Ballstar is generally more intense and competitive. You're given less time and space for the most part and that amps up in the playoffs.
Unless the Canes serve up a powder puff game tonight that is.
  • Bob Cole
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6 days 34 minutes ago #2219 by Bob Cole
Lets call a spade a spade the level of skill and competitiveness is quite a stark contrast to Mondays.Both are good leagues but not the same skill level across the board so it might be a little crazy jumping right into playoffs for any new guys.
  • Fitz
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5 days 23 hours ago #2221 by Fitz
I'd say top end skill is quite similar in both leagues. The mid rounds are an entirely different story though, Ballstar does have more depth but some of that can be attributed to the HFHL having 2 more teams.
Agreed that debuting in Ballstar playoffs may be a culture shock of sorts.
I hope it takes James a couple weeks to settle in..........lol
  • Chico
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5 days 21 hours ago #2222 by Chico
Agreed. The Monday night league has plenty of talent and the boys play hard there as well. The major difference is depth. The days of the Stad lague being at a different level are over. Like most, thenew guy will likely have a period of adjustment. This has happened with almost everyone who has joined ballstar.
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