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Eye protection

  • MIKEYD's Avatar Topic Author
2 weeks 5 days ago #2072 by MIKEYD
I found a few sets of goggles
they are woman's lacrosse, between 30 and 100 bucks
stx sell a nice pair..... look comfortable

if I were playing out I would 100% be wearing something on my eyes.

I've worked a lot of places and I've seen some shit.
but Sunday was close to the worst.
and I mean less than an inch away from the worst.

Glad to hear you are ok Eddy
  • Milli
  • Milli's Avatar Topic Author
2 weeks 5 days ago #2073 by Milli
There are all kinds to choose from here...I wonder though if a stick could still get through some of these? I mean they would protect against 99% Im sure but some look pretty open to me.

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