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Eddie Kell - All good with the eye

  • Eddie Kell
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3 weeks 23 hours ago #2057 by Eddie Kell
Hi Gentlemen , wanted to update you that my eye is going to be fine. Superficial cut and a good shiner but it will heal.

We take risks everyday we walk out our door and most are worth it. Saying that I guess some eye protection is not a bad thing to limit that risk.

Thanks for all the concern everyone showed yesterday, a great group guys. I should be back out for next game to play as horribly as ever.
  • Brewster
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3 weeks 22 hours ago #2058 by Brewster
Glad to hear you're alright, Eddie ;)
  • Fitz
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3 weeks 21 hours ago #2059 by Fitz
In a show of solidarity with you Eddie, I guess Jordan went and got his own very similar injury last night in the Molson league.
Glad to hear you will both be fine. It's one of those injuries that is scary and ugly yet makes you feel lucky in the end.
Lucky in the end is key.
  • Castilloux
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3 weeks 20 hours ago #2060 by Castilloux
Glad to hear it wasn’t major eddy
I’ll be adding the eye protection now as well
Can’t play around with the eyesight
  • Milli
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3 weeks 17 hours ago #2061 by Milli
Glad to hear Ed definitely a scary moment mere 1/8th of an inch from your eyeball. Nothing official but definitely going to be some discussions around mandatory eyewear I think in the off-season just too many close calls over the last few years.
  • Eddie Kell
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3 weeks 3 hours ago #2062 by Eddie Kell
Hey Jordan , glad to hear you are alright, maybe we can get a 2 for 1 special on eye wear.

Fellas I think we need to listen to what Ryan and the league have to say when they discuss this in the off-season.
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