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Week 7ish

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3 weeks 4 days ago #2031 by guest
Total crapshoot here, attendance will be the real story and decide most games.
Bolts/Clones- both teams coming off big wins. If the core guys are there then Bolts by 1 but this is a tight match up so.....?
Thunder/Tors- it already sounds like the Thunder will be short staffed so we have take the Tors in this one.
Blizz/Canes- Blizz win this one by 4. Canes did not look great this week after the trade. They should get better but it may take a while.
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3 weeks 3 days ago #2032 by no church this sunday
Bolts grow on Wednesday win. If Blair or Paul are in goal 5-3 win in a close game.

Thunder vs Tors depends on attendance. Tors to bounce back in a nail biter 7-6.

Blizz and canes I pick upset Canes win. They are up and down but Gil knows the tricks in playing blanch's blue boys. Canes 6-5.

All close ones as long as attendance good.
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3 weeks 3 days ago #2033 by Ha Ha Ha
Key condition? "As long as ..."

Sunday will be a crapshoot. And, best of all, Wally is open for business !!!!!!!!
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3 weeks 2 days ago #2034 by Sally
Well it look like it only took less than one week for Blair to bail. Who had less then 7 days in the pool??
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3 weeks 1 day ago #2035 by Broken?
So after 7 games there is a 4 way tie for 1st at 8 pts. Canes at 7 and Bolts at 4 pts. I doubt anyone is itching to play the Bolts in the playoffs either.
Yeah the Ballstar plan is obviously broken ;)
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3 weeks 1 day ago #2036 by Scores ?
Scores from today?
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