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Week 2

  • 1/2?
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6 days 17 hours ago #1761 by 1/2?
Only one week but the teams didn't look very even last night. Last season and its parity is in the rear view. Thunder Blizz Tors are definitely top 3, Bolts might be a distant 4 and the Clones and Canes are very distant bottom dwellers. Canes couldn't even score 1 so they own last place and probably will for a while.
  • guest
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6 days 14 hours ago #1762 by guest
The league is split in half alright and will stay that way all season.
  • suprise
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6 days 8 hours ago #1763 by suprise
Funny bottom two teams have at best 2nd rounders as captains no disrespect but league would be responsible for this happening! The parity of this league is failing
  • guest
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6 days 5 hours ago #1764 by guest
If those teams have issues the skill levels of their captains are not the cause.
  • Grapevine
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6 days 4 hours ago #1765 by Grapevine
I heard some really overdraftded players screwed the draft this season with mediocre players going way too high is what fucked a few teams based on the grapevine.
  • Draft Dodger
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6 days 3 hours ago #1766 by Draft Dodger
Out of interest and speculation, I think the draft results should be released on the webpage or in a thread. It would make for good discussion and be interested for players to see when they were drafted.
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