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Season 26 Final Player List

  • Milli
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2 months 2 weeks ago #1683 by Milli
Adam Fancy
Adam Healy
Alex McLeod
Anil Snook
Blain Sullivan
Bruce Hudson
Chris Munroe
Chris Sampson
Chris Steeves
Colin waugh
Dan Nauss
Darcy Edwards
Dave Brent
Dwayne Blanchard
Eddie kell
George Anderson
Gian Scalet
Gill Mombourquette
Gordon Caines
Greg Wheaton
Jason Boudreau
John Doyle
Jonny Anderson
Jordan Castilloux
Josh Lowe
Kenny White
Kevin Shute
Korri Gorman
Kyle Bayers
Louis Brill
Martin Kane
Matt grove
Matt Nelson
Matt Strum
Matthew Monk
Michael DeGrace
Mike Collier
Mike Sullivan
Mitchell Ellis
Paul Highmore
Peter MacDonald
Ryan Milligan
Scott Cross
Scott Harrigan (DB)
Sean Fitz
Stephen Rievaj
Todd keddy
Tom Wynn
Tony Casella
Troy Farnell
Woody Gouthro
Alex Taul
Steve Clarke
Marc Davidson
  • Fitz
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2 months 2 weeks ago #1684 by Fitz
I was just coming on to say I'm looking fwd to getting back at it and find out we have the players all locked down. Good stuff and a good group of guys there.

I know we've had longer breaks but being so damn close to winning last season and no other sport to play has me getting restless.
Wildcard for this season other than new guys is Gord. Where he goes in the draft, how often he has to sail and what part of the season that occurs will all be huge factors.
I'm looking fwd to the Wally Box on Wednesday and maybe some hockey too. Lol
  • Trade Bait
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2 months 2 weeks ago #1685 by Trade Bait
I wonder what teams Fancy and Healy will be traded to before the season starts?!?! These two are ALWAYS on the move LOL!
  • guest
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2 months 2 weeks ago #1686 by guest
But who would be involved in a Healy trade now that the usual suspect in Rockwell is not playing? Lol
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