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Ballstar Secret Santa Giftlists for Season 26

  • Blitzen
  • Blitzen's Avatar Topic Author
2 months 3 weeks ago #1677 by Blitzen
Lou- a Slap Chop to go with his stick handling style
Marty- A bungee cord attached to the crossbar to help him up
Kyle- a shiny new high draft slot
Matt Strum- a razor he can pretend to use and a higher draft slot
Cross- the official deed to 'his spot' on the floor
Gord- a chance to prove you don't have to sail while in the Navy
Healy- the contract to be the official Ballstar financial advisor
Colin- a bad habit (any)
Josh- ID that says he's old enough to play oldtimers (in the unlikely event it's asked for)
  • AdulToySexCom
  • AdulToySexCom's Avatar Topic Author
2 months 2 days ago #1795 by AdulToySexCom
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  • Fitz
  • Fitz's Avatar Topic Author
2 months 1 day ago #1796 by Fitz
Degrace, stop pushing your goods at Ballstar! Lol
  • MIKEYD's Avatar Topic Author
2 months 9 hours ago #1797 by MIKEYD
Free world wide shipping!!!
cant beat that!!!
  • paul
  • paul's Avatar Topic Author
2 months 2 hours ago #1798 by paul
Mike, If you pull out an extra leg to make a save I'm quitting! lol
  • DB
  • DB's Avatar Topic Author
1 month 3 weeks ago #1800 by DB
The one for Lou made me spit my coffee out!
One extra large carrot to Blitzen for that one.

...must....not....click...on...sex toy...link!!!!

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