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2 months 3 days ago #2632 by Fitz
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Good 'ole anonymous arseholes, the lifeblood of the trash page!
Tors are a very good team in front of Jay and those season #s show that. The Canes showed that team can be beaten and Jay can be gotten to.
The playoffs are another animal and it remains to be seen how things play out.
Every team has some teams they match up well with and some they don't so it's still a crapshoot. I agree that the Tors and Canes have to be seen as clear favorites but I still say that a full Lightning team is a sleeper #6 seed.
The dice will be rolled in the new year.
  • Phil.
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2 months 2 days ago #2633 by Phil.
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Just hurry up and get this season over so i can get back into things and im holding out til i get drafted on same team as my kid :) im old i should get what i want !!
  • Fitz
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2 months 2 days ago #2634 by Fitz
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The Clones are willing to give shelter to father/son combos. We'll take the Wheatons and Strums and go from there. Lol
  • Alex M
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2 months 5 hours ago #2635 by Alex M
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Fitz wrote: The Clones are willing to give shelter to father/son combos. We'll take the Wheatons and Strums and go from there. Lol

Just wait until my brother comes into the league. Hopefully next September.
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2 months 4 hours ago #2636 by Don Don
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Since you guys have a TBR player of the week and its never a goalie even though some goalies have played much better then you shitty players, I've concocted my own Goalie of the Week list.

week 1.......
Mike DeGrace with a .911 save % and 45 shots in a loosing effort.
week 2.......
Jason Boudreau with a .909 save % and 44 shots in his first game of the season, narrowly beating Dan Nauss for the second weeks honor
week 3......
Martin Kane with a .965 save % and 29 shots, held his team to just one Power play goal against.
week 4.......
Bob Strum with a .854 save % and 48 shots, even thought he is a back up still deserves the nod this week.
week 5.......
Tom Wynn with a massive .974% with 39 shots had a great week vs. the Thunder.
week 6.......
Jason Boudreau with a .871% on 39 shots had the best save percentage but this week many goalies had similar number and could have easily won the honor that week. Marty .857% on 35 shots, Mike .852% on 61 shots, Tom .840% on 44 shots, Paul .829% on 47 shots, all had numbers good enough for tops this week
week 7........
Tom Winn with a .897% on 39 shots this weeks winner also had stiff competition and narrowly edged out Dan Nauss with a .828% on 35 shots.
week 8......
Bob Strum with a .941% on 34 shots again beat out stiff competition to win this weeks top goalie
week 9......
Paul Highmore with a .944 on 36 shots held off the hit or miss Thunder to only two goals.
week 10......
This week goes to two goalies that played on teams with just 4 runners each and held both games with in a touch down.
Martin Kane with a .870% on 62 shots and Mike DeGrace with a .887% on 62 shots Both lost but if you would have add both lineups together would have made one hell of a good team.

Some will argue with this because during some of those weeks guys had better save percentages but many many many less shots
so this is my list of guys that deserve a hand shake and a slap on the ass for a good job.

Don Don
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1 month 3 weeks ago #2637 by Waiting
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7 more sleeps......
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