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7 weeks in

  • Spin it to win it
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3 weeks 1 day ago #2542 by Spin it to win it
7 weeks in was created by Spin it to win it
The spinning storms have the inside track on the cup this season. Tornados, Hurricanes and Cyclones all look pretty good. Tors/Canes spin off next week will be a good one.
Thunder and Lightning can make some noise but the Blizz are in deep trouble. Plow this season to the side for the blue guys.
  • Fly on the wall
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3 weeks 20 hours ago #2543 by Fly on the wall
Replied by Fly on the wall on topic 7 weeks in
It would be interesting to hear the inevitable trade talks between Tony and Dwayne today.
"I see your crappy offer and raise you an equally crappy counter offer"
  • guest
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3 weeks 18 hours ago #2544 by guest
Replied by guest on topic 7 weeks in
It has to be a small trade market out there and blue and black might be the extent of it.
  • Hmmm
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3 weeks 7 hours ago #2545 by Hmmm
Replied by Hmmm on topic 7 weeks in
Tornados are still undefeated.

It might be time to talk about this.
  • PEPE
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3 weeks 7 hours ago #2546 by PEPE
Replied by PEPE on topic 7 weeks in
As Pepe predicted a long long time ago...

It will be a Tors and the Clones will play in the finals.

No offense to the Blizz and Bolts but you guys need serious help. Just a mess.. Hopefully both teams can make a move or two to return to a competitive state.
Pepe thinks DB will get something done soon as he knows his current squad is not play off ready. Pack your suitcases boys cuz someone is moving!

And remember.

Pepe knows!
  • Cmon
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3 weeks 8 minutes ago #2547 by Cmon
Replied by Cmon on topic 7 weeks in
The Tornados and Hurricanes are the clear favorites to go to the finals.
Cyclones are good but not a favorite.
Lightning will be tough with a full team when then get used to having subs.
Thunder can score but will have trouble vs fast teams.
Blizzard are in deep trouble that probably cannot be avoided via trade.
A major remake could help but the top 4 teams listed here won't be looking for that so options are limited.
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